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The WHEATGRASS GROWER is a private residential micro eco-farm located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. As a boutique grower of nutritional greens, our mission is to grow superior all-natural greens, package and ship them in the most environmentally-friendly ways possible, and deliver them to you FRESH. We have been supplying wheatgrass and sunflower greens to a loyal clientele since 2005 and have earned a reputation for product excellence.

We currently offer fresh-cut wheatgrass and sunflower greens for UPS delivery to your door in Eastern PA, NY, CT, NJ, DE, MD, and DC (sorry, we do not ship live trays). Just click on our Online Shopping link at the top of the page to place your order. Orders are shipped Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you would like to place a recurring order (weekly or bi-weekly), please call us directly at (570) 587-5704 or email us.

We also offer Friday delivery of our cut and live products to small retailers in the Scranton metropolitan area. Sorry, we are not a retail/pick-up location. If you would like to purchase our products locally, please visit our Products page for more information.

PHONE CONSULTATIONS (Available Thursdays Only)

According to current scientific research, only 5 - 10% of all cancers are genetically based, leaving the remaining 90% to  lifestyle and environmental factors. Are you currently facing a cancer diagnosis and having difficulty sifting through mounds of conflicting information from books, the internet, and well-meaning friends and relatives?  Do you feel as if there is something more you could be doing for yourself between medical appointments?  As a certified Beat Cancer Holistic Cancer Educator, let me help you sort through some of the confusion and enable you to take greater personal control of your cancer through diet, lifestyle, and immune-boosting approaches. Consultations take about one hour to complete in order to make a proper holistic needs assessment.  From there, recommendations and referrals can be offered with regards to your individual needs.   As a professional grower with 10 years of experience working with healthcare providers and their patients, my own specialty happens to be wheatgrass nutrition, and I can personally help you learn how to incorporate wheatgrass safely into your cancer treatment regimen while deriving maximum benefit from it.

Telephone consultations are free but do require an appointment.  Upon completion, you may be eligible for an introductory coupon for one free pound of wheatgrass with the purchase of an additional pound of Wheatgrass Grower products as well as a continuing 10% product discount on all future orders with no minimum ordering requirements.   This offer is only available to individuals living within our mid-Atlantic shipping area.

Please call (570) 587-5704 to make an appointment. 


Proprietor of The Wheatgrass Grower, LLC, since 2005.  Ellen McGlynn graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia and studied organic gardening practices and hydroponics through Cornell University’s Department of Horticulture extension programs. She also holds a current certification as a Holistic Cancer Educator through the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education in Richboro, PA.  Her health-related job experiences include assisting with diabetes research in a university hospital setting and working as a lab technician in a major medical cancer research facility.  After losing her husband to an aggressive cancer in 2003, she was compelled to follow a more holistic professional route, creating The Wheatgrass Grower, which has been featured in several newspapers, books, and farming magazines. Today, Ms. McGlynn continually educates herself in the fields of holistic health and sustainable agriculture. Her education and experiences in conventional health fields help ground her holistic business approach, and much of her clientele comes through physician referrals.

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